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Rooted in Greer, Ready for Change

I’m Tramaine Booker, a proud Greer native, husband, and father. My life’s work has been about serving our community and upholding the values we hold dear. From my early days serving customers at Chick-fil-A to now, guiding families toward their dream homes, I’ve learned the importance of listening, understanding, and acting with integrity.

My work in the banking industry sharpened my skills in finance and leadership, teaching me how to navigate challenges and make decisions that benefit us all. Now, as I focus on helping families achieve homeownership as a real estate agent, I see daily the impacts of our decisions on infrastructure, taxes, and the quality of life in Greenville County.

Beyond my professional life, I’m deeply involved in our community. Whether as the Greenville County Republican Party Trade precinct president, a member of the Greer Planning Commission, or through my service as a minister and church leader, I’ve dedicated myself to improving the lives around me.

Why I’m Running

Greenville County is my home. It’s where I grew up and where I chose to raise my family. I’m running as a Republican for the SC State House because I believe in our community’s potential to grow and prosper without losing sight of the values that make us strong. My platform is about more than policies; it’s a commitment to preserve and enhance our way of life.

I envision a future where our children can learn in safe, supportive schools, where our economy thrives without burdening families, and where our streets and communities are safe for everyone. It’s a future where every voice is heard, and every resident has the opportunity to succeed.

I’m not just asking for your vote; I’m inviting you to join me in this journey. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for Greenville County, grounded in our shared, common-sense values. Let’s make it happen.

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