As a dedicated husband, father, and lifelong resident of Greer, I am committed to service to our community. From my early days at Chick-fil-A to a career in banking and now, focusing on helping families achieve homeownership as a real estate agent, I've seen firsthand the challenges and opportunities that face Greenville County. My platform is built on these experiences, reflecting not just the needs of our community but our shared common-sense, conservative values.

Strengthening Family and Community Integrity

As a steadfast conservative, I'm deeply committed to upholding the sanctity of family and ensuring our community reflects the values we hold dear. My reform agenda prioritizes policies that protect the unborn, support parents in their critical role, and foster a nurturing environment where traditional values flourish.

Driving Economic Growth Through Fiscal Reform

Leveraging my background in finance, I am determined to overhaul our tax system to stimulate economic growth and relieve the burdens on our hardworking families and small businesses. My vision includes slashing unnecessary spending, advocating for lower taxes, and creating a business-friendly environment that attracts jobs and encourages innovation.

Modernizing Infrastructure with Sustainable Solutions

Our community's future relies on infrastructure that keeps pace with growth while preserving our natural resources that make Greenville the place we all love. I will push for strategic investments in roads, bridges, and public utilities, ensuring they are efficient and ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Reforming Education for Excellence

Education reform is at the heart of ensuring a prosperous future for our children. I support expanding school choice to empower parents, overhauling curriculum standards to emphasize core competencies and values, and increasing support for vocational and technical education to prepare students for the workforce. Teachers will have my full support for the resources they need to succeed in this vital mission.

Ensuring Public Safety and Justice

A safe community is the foundation of a prosperous community. My approach to public safety reform focuses on supporting our law enforcement with the tools and training they need, toughening penalties for violent and repeat offenders, and enhancing community policing efforts to build trust between residents and law enforcement agencies. Together, we will ensure Greenville County remains a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.

A Unifying Voice for Conservative Reforms

My campaign is more than a list of policies; it's a commitment to lead with integrity, vision, and conservative principles. I stand ready to be the reformer Greenville County needs, tackling challenges head-on with solutions that ensure prosperity, protect our way of life, and enhance the well-being of every resident. Join me in this mission to shape a future where conservative values guide our path forward and where our community stands as a beacon of hope and freedom.

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